Crafty Frog 2020 Bushfire Appeal

Author: Laura MacKinnon   Date Posted:5 January 2020 

I have been approached by many people to see if we are again co-ordinating Craft donations for those who have lost everything or are displaced due to the Bushfires. The answer, of course, is a big fat YES 

Perhaps, for those who don't know, I should say this is not a new thing for Crafty Frog to do. We set up and co-ordinated the collection and distribution of craft goods for the 2003 Canberra bushfires, the Victorian Bushfires, and more recently were involved in Lamb Jumpers "Helping Our Farmers" , so we do have some experience in this field 

However, to ensure accountability we need to do this in a co-ordinated, organised way. This ensures those who are donating are confident the supplies they're giving will be delivered to those needing them. As the fires have covered such a HUGE area, I will also be working with a group that has been set up on facebook called X Stitchers Helping Hands Aus & NZ and I am also working with Stephanie from Bushfire recovery through art and craft. I am an admin on the Helping Hands Group. Carmel has Admins in 4 States and is also approaching this in an organised way. I am also working with another local Group - more details to follow.

To get started, and to allow us to receive, receipt and organise craft items ready for distribution, we will start collecting CLEAN craft supplies from tomorrow. More details to follow,