The Challenge of Finding Time

Author: Laura   Date Posted:18 April 2023 

Running a business, a home and keeping up with family and friends means that finding time for my craft can be a challenge :(

If, like me, crafting is your passion, here are some of the ways that I find time to craft - would love to hear any ideas you have too.

I try to set aside some time each day to work on my projects.  Sometimes I am too tired when I get home, but it is nice to let the brain and body rest, while I cross stitch or knit.  If find even 20 minutes of craft each day refreshes both body and my creative soul.

I generally multi-task, by combining crafting with other activities, such as knitting whilst watching TV.  Organisation can save you time and make it easier to start crafting.  Make sure you know where all your tools and materials are, so you don't waste time searching for them - or do as I have done in the past and buy all new equipment for each project.  

Take advantage of downtime, not that I have much.  However, when Ian and I travel I knit, crochet or cross stitch (dependent on how bumpy the road is), whilst he drives - keeps both of us happy.  Similarly, if you commute on public transport, bring your knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, hand piecing with you - you might start a crafting circle on the bus ;).

One of the main things in business is to prioritise your daily tasks, such as processing stock, ringing customers when their order has arrived, dealing with the financial aspects of the business etc.  I find that prioritising my craft projects allows me to focus time and energy on the most important ones.  Don't feel like you must work on everything at once.  It is ok to have plenty of UFP's (Unfinished Projects) - you should see my pile ;) I really do admire those who only work on one project at a time - that is never going to be me

Crafting can also be a fun activity to do with others.... just make sure you take a 'mindless' project when meeting with a group otherwise you will spend the rest of the day/evening 'frogging' - undoing what you've just done.  Stitch'N’Chat at Crafty Frog will hopefully be starting up again soon and we'd love to see you there.  It's great to share ideas/crafting lessons learned with other who appreciate your efforts and are there to encourage you on your journey.

Don't be too hard on yourself.  Remember that crafting is supposed to be fun and relaxing.  Don't put too much pressure on yourself to complete projects quickly or perfectly.  Enjoy the process and take your time.

Set realistic goals:  determine how much time you realistically have to devote to your craft each week and set goals accordingly.  Don't set yourself up for failure by trying to do too much.

Make it a priority:  Finally, remember that crafting is important to you and make it a priority in your life.  Don't let other activities or obligations take over all your time.  Make sure you set aside time to do what you love.


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Time for craft

By: on 18 April 2023
I find during the week I am a little more tired, change of work has done this. I have the projects I want to focus on in a trolley or on the table for easy and quick access. Weekends I spend more time on craft, being focused and getting off the many phone apps also gives me time back to do craft, knitting crochet or stitching.

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